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For most of us,  the earliest travel memories can be traced back to traveling with our parents as kids. What heady days they were as we pranced around Railway Stations, Airports and Bus Stations without a care in the world as our hassled parents surreptitiously and anxiously kept an eye on our adventurous exploits of discovery!

The wheel of time has moved since then and today as full grown adults we may roam the world in a swagger of independence. But as and when we travel with our parents, those very guardians who helped us take that first step in our voyage of discovery, we need to take special care of our Mom & Dad to ensure that their travel experience is smooth and joyful without any discomfort whatsoever. If you are traveling or planning to travel with your parents, here are some travel tips which will ensure a great travel experience all around while traveling with Parents.

Be aware of and respect your Parents’ Preferences

Before you plan your trip, talk to your parents and take their opinions in terms of destinations, what to see, activities, etc., after all,  you do not want them to get bored and irritable and rearing to get back home. You may want to go for a trek, but if they are not physically up to it, do not embarrass them, be sensitive and plan for a more sedate activity.

Go for slow travel to ensure that your Parents keep pace with you

Avoid those whirlwind itineraries and trips that are exhausting. Plan your trip in such a way that you have time to really relax and experience new places and cultures with your parents. Do not force your pace on them as they may not be up to it, depending on their age and fitness. So just slow down!

Do not let those unique Family Photo Ops slip through

Would it not be great to have photographs with your parents with the Colosseum or the Taj Mahal in the background during this family vacation?. It definitely makes for wonderful memories of enjoyable times spent together. These photographs are sure to sweep you with waves of nostalgia at a later time.

Ensure their medical needs are taken care of

When you are traveling with parents and they are on some sort of medication, ensure that all the medicines required are handy and you are prepared for medical exigencies. It is advisable to carry a travel health kit to keep oneself fit and healthy. This is something which needs to be taken care of even if you are traveling on your own but assumes greater significance when traveling with elderly people.

Look out for elderly friendly places

Ensure that you stay at hotels that are elderly friendly and have wheelchair access if required. While planning about the sights that you wish to see, make sure the places are accessible and your parents are not inconvenienced.

Be particular about and plan your meals

You should know about your parents’ eating preferences. If they are vegetarians, you need to ensure that you eat right and at the right places. They need to be fortified with healthy and tasty food of their choice to take on the travails of the trip. Also, ensure that meals are taken on time and no meal is skipped. Eating whenever whatever and wherever you like can be reserved for times when you are not traveling with elderly people.

Do not ever make them feel that they are a burden

Do take extra care to ensure that your parents have a comfortable travel, but never, ever by thought, word or action make them feel that they are inconveniencing you and are a burden. Always reinforce to them about how you are enjoying traveling with them.

Enjoy the time, it will get over soon

Never forget the purpose of the trip. Bond with your parents, sort out those tiny misunderstandings that were rankling in your minds. Be at peace and enjoy the time through some quality bonding. Always remember that the time you are spending with them may never come again.

Travel is a transformative and an enjoyable experience. If you are traveling with parents, then the experience is elevated to a different plane altogether. The experience is as challenging as it is rewarding! We do hope the tips we have shared are of help to you as you plan a perfect family trip with your parents.

Is there anything better than seeing the world with your family? A nice and relaxed vacation feels like the best gift that one can possibly give their parents! Take vacations. Go as many places as you can. You can always make money. You can’t always make memories! Now is the time, plan it and bring on the smile on your parents’ faces!

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8 Tips you will find handy while Traveling with your Parents


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